What is ALDS?

ALDS Aladdin Planet is a vertical application chain in the catering industry based on the ETH2.0.
ALDS will be the first blockchain technology in the ETH2.0 to empower the entity application ecology, aiming to use the new blockchain technology, new experience, intelligence, and digitalization to achieve future catering mobility, self-service, and intelligent consumption. Catering economy.
ALDS will focus on building digital catering, catering mutual entertainment and the Internet of Things in the catering industry, breaking through the barriers of the catering industry, and building a new digital ecosystem integrating catering and entertainment.

ALDS empowers business ecology

ALDS commercial applications

ALDS Catering Digitization
Traceability of the catering supply chain; big data analysis; credible catering investment and crowdfunding; consumption is investment incentives; digital online e-commerce

ALDS Dining Pan Entertainment
Create catering IP pan-entertainment; catering IP brand copyright protection; catering entertainment


ALDS application


ALDS Teams